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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you run the trips or just connect us?
We play connector. When you sign up, we make a time to speak on the phone, in person or via Skype. We listen to your background, goals, and sensitivities and try to connect you to a trip that works best for you.
Do you run your own trips?
Yes. We have some exclusive opportunities for young professionals but more often than not but space is super limited. We connect our friends and participants to other awesome trips as well.
When are the trips.
We have dozens of trips per season that we connect our peeps to. If you have specific dates, we will try to find something that works for your schedule. Sign up to book a time to visit so we can make some recommendations.
Will there be armed guards on our trip
Of course! We will have an armed guard on the trip at all times.
Why is the trip so inexpensive?

Some are free (including flight) others you pay for. We offer a wide variety of trip options. ┬áCheck out our Find Out More page for a few pricing options. We’d love to jump on a call and answer all your questions. Flights. Hotels. Tours. Food. These trips are valued at $3,500. Thanks to generous partnerships the subsidies make it possible for everyone to participate regardless of economic status. Speak to JPULSE regarding sponsorship details.

What if I already did Birthright?
No problem. If you already did Taglit-Birthright Israel or you didn’t qualify, it shouldn’t stop you from going back to Israel.
What is on the itinerary?
The itinerary will have a perfect blend of the following items:

  • Nice hotels
  • Great food
  • Buses and tour guides
  • Top scholars on the conflict in the Middle East
  • Top scholars on Judaism
  • Great tours
  • Community service helping soldiers
  • Immersion program with Israelis
  • Free time

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I don't see my question.
Ok, don’t hit the panic button. Use our sign up form and we will try to get back to you asap.
Where do I sign up?
We thought you’d never ask:)

Click here to sign up for a meeting and we’ll try to get back to you asap.

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