Sample Itinerary

Note: This is just a sample itinerary. JPULSE prides itself for being able to taylor make an itinerary for groups of all sizes and backgrounds. Contact us directly for a consultation with a trip specialist (



Visiting Israel is a super emotional experience and there is a lot to see. However, we’ve found that sometimes less is more. Instead of trying to pack the itinerary with exhausting days on and off the bus, we enjoy a delightful pace together combining the perfect blend of tours, talks and workshops, and free time to explore on your own. We make sure to pack in as many sites as we can but we also enjoy intellectual engagement throughout the trip from leading scholars and dignitaries. Tours are amazing, food is delicious and each day we try to include an intellectual component ensuring a healthy balance of mind, body and soul.



Day 1: Arrive in Israel, travel to Jerusalem for welcome dinner and orientation, hotel check in.

Day 2: Morning talks/workshops, Explore the Old City, visit the Western Wall and enjoy a walking tour of the Old City, free time at night.

Day 3: Morning talks/workshops, Explore the City of David, Tower of David Museum & Old City Walls, free time at night.

Day 4: Morning talks/workshops, Depart for North trip, visit Mt. Arbel, and spend free time in Tiberius.

Day 5: Visit the mystical city of Safed, Shopping in Safed, Kabalat Shabbat, oneg.

Day 6: Shabbat meal, Walking Tour of Safed guest speaker. [We may visit Safed a different day and spend Shabbat in Jerusalem.]

Day 7: Morning talks/workshops, Gush, Hebron, Kever Rachel, free time at night.

Day 8: Morning talks/workshops, Yad Vashem, Har Hertzl Miltary Cemetary, free time at night.

Day 9: Morning talks/workshops, Explore the Bar Kochba Caves and see Radar Hill, free time at night.

Day 10 Hike Masada, get muddy and float in the Dead Sea, shop at the Dead Sea spa, group barbeque, free time at night.

For extended trips:

Day 11: Morning talks/workshops, Mountain Biking, free time at night.

Day 12: Free time

Day 13: Shabbaton in Ramat Beit Shemesh

Day 14: Banquet, bus to airport, optional trip extension